J.A. Mirimanoff is member of the working group on mediation of the European Commission for Efficency of Justice of the Council of Europe (CEPEJ GT MED, Strasburg), member of the International Mediation Institute Standards Committee (IMI, The Hague), co founder of the Swiss section of the European Group of Magistrates for Mediation (GEMME-CH, Freiburg) and also of the International Conference of Mediation for Peace (CIMJ, Montréal/Paris).

He is the author, editor and/or  scient. director of  several ADR handbooks and articles, including in pedagogical matter (see page Publications).

Referrent, speaker or formator in many workshops, seminaries and conferences : Foundation for the countinuous education of the Swiss Judges, Gerzensee, Nov. 2008, Febr. 2009, March and Nov. 2017 ; Council of Europe and Arbitration Supreme Court of the Federation of Russia, Round Table of Sochi, Nov. 15-17 th 2005 ; GEMME with the Ministries of Justice of France and of the Federation of Russia, Moscow, Sept. 2010 ; SOMEDIARS, Ivanovo, Oct. 2014; « Ecole  Nationale de la Magistrature » (ENM), and GEMME Grenoble, June 6 th 2005, Nice, April 11th 2006, Paris May 6 th 2009, and Biarritz, June 2014 ; Court of Appeal of Montpellier for the « Conciliators of Justice », Nov. 2009 ; GEMME with the Spanish Judiciary Authorities, Valencia, Nov. 17 th 2007, Barcelona, June, 2009 ; GEMME with the Italian Judiciary Authorities, Roma, 2006 ; GEMME with the Swiss J.A., Freiburg, Oct. 2016 ; UIA Forum, Lausanne, Febr. 2009 ; GPM, Sion, Oct. 2009 and Lausanne, June 2010 ; CEDIDAC, Lausanne, Oct. 2009 and March 2016 ; CMAP, Geneva, June 2006 ; CSMC, May 2005 ; FSM, March 2005 and nov. 2008.