In terms of family separation, parents will find constructive, and therefore durable, solutions. When a couple is about to separate, mediation allows parents to prevent the spiral of their conflicts.  When they are already separated, in proceedings of protective measures of conjugal union, divorce or legal separation, of modification of judgments rendered in these situations, mediation allows parents to resolve their difficulties or conflicts in a constructive manner.

Mediation in the area of estates can take two forms. The preventive form takes place during the life of the deceased, to allow facilitated negotiations between him and his heirs, preparing and anticipating the drafting of a will or an agreement as to succession designed in a concerted, therefore sustainable manner. The resolution form on the occasion of the opening of the will allows the heirs to relive their story, solve misunderstandings, and find equitable and adequate solutions for everyone. It is not too late to resort to mediation in a joint judicial action opposing the heirs.